EC_Retail_E-Commerce Marketing Manager

TaipeiLINE TaiwanBusiness & SalesBusiness SupportFull-time

Assist the retail team in overall channel activity planning and data analysis, and assist in implementing the retail sales team's project.



  • Ability to independently complete marketing project proposals
  • Familiar with the GA background and the ability to independently analyze marketing related data and provide strategies
  • Familiar with e-commerce marketing work with a high degree of enthusiasm
  • Work across functions in LINE and e-commerce organizations to improve work efficiency and overall performance.
  • Able to cooperate with enterprises according to marketing strategies to complete the work items and content of the entire department


Basic Qualifications


  • At least 3 years working experience. E-commerce related experience is a must.
  • Experience of to operate online shopping sites is particularly good.
  • English basic communication.
  • Good writing and presentation skill.
  • Strong team player and ability to problem solve, multi-task, and prioritize in a fast paced, high volume environment.
  • Patience and Carefulness.
  • Familiar with GA and data analysis, able to analyze and provide insights on their own
  • Ability to independent proposals with strategic and logical qualities


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