Full-stack Engineer

Dalian / ChinaLINE ChinaEngineeringServer-sideFull-timeDec 5, 2020 ~ Until filled


  • Responsible for the development of LINE software functions;
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of Web background logic.


Basic Qualifications

  • More than 3 years of java development work experience, with Internet industry development experience is a plus;
  • Good software programming ideas,rich experience in web development, and system function design;
  • Good java technology, and proficient in common technical frameworks such as Spring, SpringMVC, Hibernate, etc.;
  • Familiar with mysql and redis database technology;
  • Excellent web front-end js technology, proficient in jquery and reactjs;
  • Familiar with data transmission protocols such as http, tps, tcp/ip;
  • Familiar with common design patterns, have HTML5 development experience, NOSQL, high concurrent system design and development;
  • Have a good programming foundation and object-oriented development ideas;
  • Possess good coding habits and technical document writing ability, can read English technical documents, and have strong communication skills.


Working Hours




Da Lian


How to apply

Send your resume to dl_linechina_recruit@linecorp.com

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