Senior Android Engineer

Dalian / ChinaLINE ChinaEngineeringAndroidFull-timeDec 5, 2020 ~ Until filled


  • Participate in the development of Android client software;
  • Responsible for the development of the Quaty project of the LINE Game developer platform;
  • Assist to support and solve user problems and technical problems.


Basic Qualifications

  • More than 7 years of actual Android development experience; proficient in Java language, proficient in Kotlin, c/c++; actual development experience in NDK;
  • Deep understanding of Android Framework and its internal principles;
  • Familiar with Android network programming, high-performance programming, and have certain experience in memory and CPU optimization issues;
  • Have rich experience in client application architecture, can independently undertake architecture design and lead projects;
  • A sense of responsibility and team spirit, passion and enthusiasm, good at communication and cooperation.


Working Hours




Da Lian


How to apply

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