Platform System Architect

Dalian / ChinaLINE ChinaEngineeringServer-sideFull-timeDec 5, 2020 ~ Until filled


  • Responsible for the analysis and design of the docker system, and undertake the design and development of the core function code of the doceker system;
  • Responsible for drafting the integration plan of the docker framework and technical system, and undertake part of the integration development work;
  • Solve various potential system technical risks and ensure the safe, stable and fast operation of the system;
  • Responsible for the overall planning of the company's software projects, project plans, and the preparation, reporting, and promotion of technical solutions, and regular reports to the superiors of the work progress and work arrangements.


Basic Qualifications

  • More than 3 years of docker development experience, familiar with Python, Golang, Java, and proficient in Shell;
  • Familiar with docker technology principles, ecosystem, and Kubernetes docker management system;
  • Practical experience in Docker / Kubernetes landing, familiar with Docker / Kubernetes related ecology;
  • Have better logical thinking ability, beyond abstraction, summarization, and summarization ability;
  • Have better communication skills, be good at active thinking and action, be willing to solve challenging problems, and have a deep interest in technology.


Working Hours




Da Lian


How to apply

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