Stock Affair Specialist

TaipeiLINE Pay TaiwanCorporateSecretary, Corporate AffairsFull-time

We are looking for a board secretary or stock affair specialist. The role will assist in Board's meetings and preparing relevant report. If you’re patient and detailed oriented, and have related experience, look forward to hearing from you soon!



  • Responsible for assisting the company's board of directors, functional committees and shareholders' meetings, and related regulations and operations.
  • Prepare the annual reports of the shareholders' meeting in both Chinese and English
  • Announcements and uploading operations of the MOPS
  • Other matters assigned by the supervisor
  • 負責協助公司董事會、功能性委員會及股東會實務作業、程序及相關法規遵循及操作相關事宜。
  • 編製中英文股東會年報、議事手冊
  • 公開資訊觀測站各項公告及重大訊息申報作業
  • 其他主管交辦事項



  • Working experience in Taiwan listed company is a plus.
  • Experience in preparing the audit committee, board of directors and shareholders' meeting of listed companies is preferred
  • Familiar with Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act and regulations related to corporate governance
  • Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office.
  • Fluent writing and speaking in English are preferred.
  • 具上市櫃公司工作經驗者佳
  • 具籌備上市公司審計委員會、董事會及股東會經驗者佳
  • 熟悉公司法、證交法及公司治理相關法令
  • 熟悉Microsoft Office等文書軟體
  • 具備良好的英文溝通能力

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