Engineering Manager/Machine Learning

FukuokaLINE FukuokaEngineeringData/AI, Tech ManagementFull-time

Type of employment

Permanent employee


Job Description

LINE offers a variety of services, and handles a large quantity of data. Our specialized Data Labs department provides vital support for these services and overall business growth by doing across-the-board processing of service logs and usage trend data as well as utilizing advanced data analysis and machine learning.The department is split into the Machine Learning Team (which is primarily responsible for machine learning-related engineering and development) and the Data Analysis Team (which focuses on data analysis aimed at providing support in making business decisions).

In this position with the Machine Learning Team, you will be in charge of management for mid- and long-term department growth, coordinating with various stakeholders, as well as assigning projects and managing their progress.

[Specifics of Job Description]

・Managing team members, as well as assigning and managing projects.

・Doing work associated with department building, such as conducting evaluations and hiring interviews.

・Planning services and products utilizing machine learning, proposing them to business divisions, and preparing them for introduction.

・Managing machine learning services from proposal to release, as well as any future improvements.

・Adjusting expected values for quality related to machine learning services, such as precision and service standards.


[Technology We Use]

Python, Scala, Java, C, Numpy, Scipy, scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, PySpark, JupyterNotebook, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible etc



[Required Skills]

・Experience developing or managing the development of services utilizing machine learning technology

・Fundamental knowledge in the machine learning field to collaborate with engineers and carry out work

・Experience managing a development team or equivalent experience as a project lead

・Conversational English and business level Japanese language skills

[Preferred Skills]

・Experience managing projects that involve two or more locations and team members that speak multiple languages

・Business level language skills (English, Korean, etc.)

・Project manager or equivalent experience

・Expertise in the machine learning, statistics, and computer science fields

・Front-end, server-side, or infrastructure development/management experience

・Knowledge and experience with distributed processing systems that handle large amounts of data (Hadoop, Spark, etc.)

・Experience in all machine learning processes, including feature handling and modeling, system implementation, infrastructure building, and evaluation

[Who We’re Looking For]

・Someone who can maximize engineer performance and independently work with a focus on continuous department growth

・Someone who can collaborate with everyone involved (such as service engineers and business departments) to advance projects smoothly

・Someone who can work efficiently, smoothly, and professionally

・A life-long learner that can always stay caught up with new technology

・Someone who feels rewarded by solving project or business issues with machine learning technology


Working Location

LINE Fukuoka Corporation.

JRJP HAKATA Building, 12FL, 8-1 Hakataeki Chuogai, Hakata, Fukuoka, 812-0012, Japan


Working Hours

Discretionary working time


Other Benefits

[Working days]

Monday to Friday

[Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves]

Public holiday

Year end and new year holiday

bereavement leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave

Annual leave

Refreshment leave (An employee is entitled to 10 days paid leave)

※An employee is entitled to 10 days annual leave with pay after having been employed under a continuous contract for every 5 years.


Fixed annual salary + Incentive (twice/year)

Other details to be discussed during interviews.

[Salary Review]


[Other Benefits]

Transportation allowance, Medical&Social Insurance, LINE Pay Benefit plan

[Implementation of second-hand smoke prevention measures]

Prohibiting Indoor Smoking (other than Smoking Room)

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