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LINE is the one of the biggest messenger service providers in Taiwan. We provider several different kinds of service to our users, include Web, Mobile, Desktop, IoT, Fintech, AI, Block Chain, and more.

Application Security Engineer help us to ensure the security and quality of a wide range services and products developed by LINE and group companies.


Flexible Working Environment LINE

Hybrid Work 

LINE is implementing the Hybrid Work to work flexibly between home and office. Actual practice will depend on each position and be discussed after member joined.


There are many facilities in New LINE Taiwan Office help you to concentrate to your work and relieve the stress, such as coffee shop, massage room, brown square and other facilities. For more information, please refer this link:

Security Center

LINE security engineers are working with talented security guys all over the world in the Security Center. You can learn new security techniques from other members who are experts in the different security domains, such as develop security modules, deploy machine learning into security tasks, make security tools, or get the knowledge related to legal and privacy. Besides, you can join or create new projects to enhance the security level of our products.


Application Security Team

  • We strive to perform most security tasks in-house, and employ security engineers full-time.
  • Security engineers get full access to source code, and can communicate directly with developers and product owners.
  • Security engineers are free to choose and build their tools: we employ both open source, commercial, and in-house security tools
    and solutions.
  • We value speed, efficiency, and direct communication. High-overhead risk and vulnerability reporting is generally unnecessary.
  • We support and encourage OSS contributions, CTF participation, journal publishing and conference participations in the fields of computer security and science.



  • Security consulting at the planning and design stage
  • Security testing and risk assessment by using blackbox and whitebox skills to review the new services.
  • Abuse analysis and prevention
  • Support LINE Security Bug Bounty program
  • Develop Application Security Standards for product development.
  • Co-Work with talented security engineer in other offices


Basic Qualifications

  • Familiar with Black box and White Box techniques for software security review.
  • Familiar with the Web Security and related design, such as OWASP Top 10, OAuth 2.0, and TLS.
  • Familiar with contemporary encryption technologies, protocols, and algorithms.
  • Able to review Java source code.
  • Able to communicate in English. 


Preferred Qualifications

  • software engineering experience
  • contributions to OSS projects, especially related to security
  • high-profile CTF participation
  • presentations and publications in the fields of computer security
  • design, development, or security review of large-scale software systems
  • security testing and vulnerability reporting for Web and mobile
  • large-scale log analysis and pattern/anomaly detection

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