Risk Management Manager

TaipeiLINE TaiwanCorporateRisk ManagementFull-time

 To establish the risk management function and risk monitoring mechanisms for LINE Taiwan and it subsidiaries. 



  • To handle the implementation of the global and Taiwan risk policies and processes under global policies, internal/external regulations and requirements
  • Be responsible for daily risk management tasks under the internal and external regulatory requirements to handle general operational and business risk management and monitor potential risks
  • To assist the Risk Management Committee in dealing with emergent crises under the internal and external regulatory requirements, policies and processes
  • To be the coordinator between global and local entities regarding the issues, policies, regulations and other relevant tasks of the RM Function
  • To handle reports to the Global responsible department, the local Board and Risk Committee
  • Deliver annual report of RM Function and risk monitoring mechanisms
  • Quarterly deliver the reports regarding the happened crises and their results
  • Provide advice and analyses for crises from time to time
  • Other reports or deliveries
  • Proactively provide training and guidance when rolling out the RM Function and procedures, inquire about feedback and look for opportunities to enhance process and efficiency on an ongoing basis to ensure the RM Function and the relevant monitoring mechanisms are well understood and implemented.
  • Other assignments by the Corporate Affairs Team, Global responsible Teams, the Risk Committee and Board of Directors. 


Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree above in Law, Accounting or relevant areas
  • 5-year relevant experience or above for MNC or international law or accounting firm; experience for multinational tech companies is a plus.
  • The position title will be adjusted from Specialist to Manager according to the candidate’s working experience
  • Fluent both in English and Mandarin



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