TaipeiLINE TaiwanDesignBrand DesignFull-time

We are looking for a designer with 5+ years of professional work experience in character design. This role requires passion, creative, positive to approach various design projects in LINE FRIENDS Taiwan.



  • Responsible for various design projects in LINE FRIENDS Taiwan with the local business team and HQ's design team
  • Supervise licensee's product design
  • Design suggestions and directions for products, graphics, and space using IP


Basic Qualifications

  • 5+ years of relevant design experience 
  • Fluent using Adobe Illu and Photoshop, Keynote and etc
  • Have experience in production (offset printing, screen printing, 3d mold and etc)
  • Able to multitask


Preferred Qualifications

  • Fluent in English or Korean is preferred
  • Experience in licensing design
  • Excellent communication skills in positively and actively
  • Experience in character merchandising design work

*Please note that the design output portfolio is essential


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