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In LINE Taiwan engineering organization, QA engineers and developers work closely together to reach the same goal. QA engineers figure out "how to make things work" instead of sticking to "why things don't work". They make sure their assigned project meets the needs of customers with high quality and delivered in a timely manner. We are looking for diligent QA engineer who is a self-motivated learner and has passion in quality assurance. QA engineer usually brings together feature stakeholders (product manager, planners, developers, testers, etc.) to confirm successful product launches. QA also works closely with automation engineers and testers to make sure all test runs are covered within adequate time. 



  • Create, improve and run test plans and drive to improve software QA processes and methodologies
  • Identify quality issues and drive corrective actions to resolve them
  • Co-work with planners and developers to isolate issues by collecting detailed process steps, log files, and other data
  • Analyze complex software architecture and collaborate with others to improve
  • Facilitate stakeholders to understand, learn, and follow the quality assurance process


Basic Qualifications

  • CS/MIS/EE or related BS graduate
  • At least 3-year experiences in software QA
  • Experience of software quality assurance model or methodology, familiar with quality metrics
  • Experiences in web or mobile App testing and release management
  • Fluent English reading and writing skills


LINERs We are looking for:

  • Do your best to identify the users’ needs
  • Make the decision based on data instead of gut feeling
  • Clearly understand the fundamentals of the work (what, for whom and why)
  • Focus on "how to make things work“ instead of sticking to "why things don’t work"
  • See difficult situations as opportunities, and enjoy with challenges

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