Webtoon_Senior Content Operation & Quality Management

TaipeiLINE TaiwanCorporateContents PlanningFull-time

LINE WEBTOON is the home to thousands creator-owned digital comic loved by millions of readers around the world. This position is responsible for content operation & translation quality management in TW market.


  • Content operation: inspect translation quality, check for typos, grammar, fluency of the dialogue and typesetting.
  • Content settings: content upload and the setting of launch time, episodes and payment details.

Basic Qualifications

* BA/BS degree and 3+years of equivalent practical experience.
* Korean TOPIK6 or above, or experience in studying in Korea.
* Passionate in WEBTOON and familiar with the language of it.
* High sensitivity to words, familiar with the popular slang in Taiwan, proofreading or translation related work experience is preferred.
* Have a great attention to detail and problem solving skills.
* Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in team.

* Able to take shifts base on the teams' needs:
* Morning shift:10:00-19:00
* Evening shift:15:00-24:00

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