2023 TECH FRESH Summer Class - Sticker/FactChecker

TaipeiLINE TaiwanEngineeringServer-side, Data/AI, QA, Web Development, Android, iOSIntern

LINE is the largest messenger service provider in Taiwan and East Asia. Besides message service, LINE also provides comprehensive services including Electronic Commerce, IoT, Fintech, AI, Blockchain, and more.

In the job, you will have the opportunity to build and maintain sites that used by millions of people.


  • Participate in development of web service and/or campaign event sites
  • Participate in implementing good practices of making robust software service

Basic Qualifications

  • Fast Learner in software areas
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language
  • Strong ability in problem-solving
  • Capability to teamwork and communicate

Preferred Qualifications

  • Having one or more applications to demonstrate
  • Good performance on independent study or thesis research
  • Experience in Git, CI, and CD
  • Familiar with web application development

How to apply

Your Resume must cover:
1. Basic Personal Information
2. Education 
3. Computer Science related experience(must)
    - Please demonstrate your works and achievements if there is any.
    - Please clarify the role and responsibility you played if those are teamworks.
    - Please show us your side projects on Heroku, GitHub, or your own environment.
4. Self Promotion(< 500 words)(must)
    - Feel free to tell us how good you are, eg. potential, attitude, intelligence, etc.



  • Job Opening Period: 2023.03.01-2023.03.31
  • Interview Period: 2023.03.20-2023.04.28 (First apply, first interview)
  • Working Period: 2023.07.01-2024.06.30 (In order to allow TECH FRESH to participate more deeply in the engineering team, please ensure that you can participate in more than 3 days of working time for at least half a year.)
  • Please be informed that LINE Taiwan is planning for the hybrid work model; Work From Home is one of the flexible forms of working. After joining LINE journey, LINE Taiwan will share plans for future hybrid working with all employees, including information on how to request hybrid working based on different job functions and security requirements.
  • LINE is an equal opportunity employer and follows local labor standards. The compensation is expected to go beyond the local labor standards but may vary depending on your academic background and/or the nature of your employment with LINE.


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