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We are looking for senior designer with 3+ years of professional work experience in visual design, brand design. This role requires passion, creative, positive, excited to approach design solutions for LINE Pay business.




  • Work closely with in house designers, follow LINE Pay’s brand message.
  • Total brand design about LINE Pay.
  • Support design inspection for LINE Pay exposure.
  • 需和內部設計團隊密切合作,確保所有設計確實傳達LINE Pay的品牌理念
  • 對 LINE Pay 品牌投入全心專注度
  • 協助LINE Pay相關設計產品上線的審核


Basic Qualifications

  • Who can establish LINE Pay's brand design and propose a design that meets global standards.
  • 2-3 years design experience, design agency experience is required 
  • 能夠創造屬於LINE Pay品牌理念且符合總部標準的設計
  • 具有兩到三年設計經驗,其中必須包含任職於設計公司之經歷


Preferred Qualifications

  • Who majored in design or has a design certificate.
  • Who has an excellent understanding of brands and UI/UX.
  • Problem solving capability using design skills.
  • Variety of design experiences
  • 畢業於設計相關領域科系或具設計相關證照
  • 熟悉品牌與UI/UX
  • 具備運用設計技能解決問題的能力
  • 多元的設計經驗


  • A English or Chinese resume for the application is accetable.
  • Please note that the design output portfolio is essential, and the portfolio's own design is also subject to evaluation.
  • Only one's work must be included in the portfolio, and if it is a collaboration, the amount must be specified as a percentage, and if it turns out to be false, the recruitment may be canceled.
  • 可收中文或英文履歷
  • 申請時請務必附上作品集以利審核與評估。
  • 作品集須為個人創作,若為團體設計,需提供工作分配的百分比以作參考,如有不實,將取消應徵資格。

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