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Joker Fu / Game Service Development / China

Joker Fu joined LINE as an intern through the LINE China campus recruitment drive of 2016. After successfully completing his internship, he was converted to a full-time LINER and now has been working as a software engineer at LINE for four years. Currently, he is in charge of development support and module documentation for the LINE Game Service Development Team.

A quick three-line summary

  • Joker is in charge of the support and documentation of modules.
  • Excruciating experiences unlock human potential!
  • Joker’s LINE STYLE is "Enjoy the challenges!"

About work

Q Please give us a brief introduction to your duties and responsibilities.

Our team provides informational guides and development documents so that game developers who need to access the LINE platform can use it without any problems. As for my duties and responsibilities, I am in charge of the support and documentation of modules. For support, I offer technical assistance to engineers and respond to inquiries using LINE Bot applied with machine learning algorithm technology. For the documentation of modules, I serve as a window for providing the API specifications that LINE shares with external services. In other words, I provide an environment where users can create and share documents.

Q Do you ever have any difficulties communicating with offices in other countries?

I often communicate with people who are in charge of documentation documents in Japan and Korea. Whenever I collaborate with other countries, of course I can feel a bit of a barrier because of the distance. Especially with the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 these days, there are even fewer opportunities for us to go on business trips and meet for coffee. That said, I can’t really say that language causes any inconvenience. Documents are usually written in English, so there is not much difficulty when it comes to communication. We can also get help from in-house translators and interpreters, if necessary.

Q What was the most memorable moment in your work life?

I participated in the Quaty (QA automation platform) project with colleagues at the excellent in-house project conference held last year. The Quaty project was selected to be introduced to other overseas LINE corporations. At the time of the presentation, I pretended to be very calm, but inside, I was so proud of our project members—it felt very good to be recognized. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to my lead and my colleagues who helped me grow so much since starting at LINE.

Q What motivated you to join LINE China as a new recruit?

There were three reasons. First of all, I didn't want to leave the place I grew up. Back when I was looking for work, the catchphrase that LINE is "the best development team in the Shanhai Pass region" really impressed me. Secondly, I liked that LINE has a free and tolerant culture like a global IT company. It’s really good that the company allows each LINER to lead their own life, and they do not follow the typical “996” corporate working system normally practiced by other Chinese companies (meaning working from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week). Finally, while the job has its challenges, I really like my colleagues, and together we team up to overcome those problems. During my internship experience, I thought that I would like to join LINE. Observing the company atmosphere and my colleagues made me think it was definitely a company I wanted to work with.

Challenges and failures

Q Everyone faces some challenges and setbacks at work. Please tell us about a failure you experienced.

In the summer of 2018, I was in charge of a project in a new field, applying AI technology to the Quaty system. But I lacked the experience and it was a total new field that I had only heard of before. At first, I didn't know what to do, but fortunately, the lead and his colleagues gave me the sources to get the related materials and technical help. Step by step, they answered all my questions. With everyone's help, I was able to adapt well to this project and finally develop my first learning model! It was really tough, but by going through that process I learned how painful experiences can help unlock your potential.

What do you need for success?

Q Is there an area at work that you think you really excel?

I wouldn’t say that I’m better than anyone, but I do think I do an exceptional job of embodying the LINE values. Thanks to LINE, I have learned two things that will be of great help in the future. First: document everything and keep records. This is a lesson that can help any project. Second: always make an effort to match LINE’s coding standards. At LINE, mistakes can be quickly identified because other colleagues review the code you write. I think I'm more cautious when writing code, keeping in mind that other colleagues will always see it. I feel like someone is watching me when I am coding.

Special experiences at LINE

Q Do you have any surprising or unforgettable memories at LINE?

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was really difficult to get masks. But LINE distributed masks to its employees on a regular basis. At that challenging time, I felt like all the LINE employees were my family members, and we could share happiness and sadness together. It was very impressive how LINE acted responsibly for its employees.

Q Tell us about your experience at a LINE technology seminar.

I always say that LINE's global technology conferences and seminars, like “LINE Developer Day,” are truly world class. The scale is actually really big. And through discussions between national development centers, LINE engineers from all over the world gather for seminars. This is an event that I look forward to attending each year. In addition to global conferences, individual departments hold weekly technology sharing meetings. At LINE, I really feel like I can communicate about technology anytime, anywhere.


Q Do you have any goals you want to achieve in your career?

Since I am an engineer, of course I would like to improve my development skills. Some of my colleagues at LINE are still inexperienced, but their skills are much better than me or my senior engineers. I think this is the direction I should aim for, and I want to learn a lot from my excellent fellow engineers!

Q Do you want to say anything to university students who are planning on applying to LINE China?

First of all, welcome! As my seniors have helped me, I am ready to help you as much as possible. LINE has a culture where seniors do their best to teach new engineers, and that culture will continue. I was able to receive a lot of help from seven or eight seniors during my internship. Those seniors designed an internship process very carefully so that I could learn a lot. Every part of the program was informative and challenging. At that time, I focused completely on the projects my seniors gave me, and spent the days thinking of nothing else. The internship process can be painful in that you need to learn so many things, but I think it is very enjoyable for most people who like development. After completing your internship, you will feel that your technical skills have developed tremendously! Enjoy the challenge! The desire to enjoy challenges is the greatest strength of all LINERs. I am ready to share that pain and happiness with you, too!