LINE Library in the Tokyo Office

Introducing LINE's bookshelves: designed to facilitate internal communication.

Aug 12, 2020

When you walk into LINE's offices, you'll find a micro library inside the cafeteria. The area is called "LINE Library," serving as an internal communication space where LINERs can grow together by sharing their knowledge and learning from each other through reading books.

Sharing your knowledge inspires others to drive "WOW"

Books lined up on the shelves are recommended by people in leadership roles at LINE or industry experts. LINE Library was designed to cultivate an office culture that inspires creative thinking among LINERs. To make the library easily accessible, it is located inside office cafeterias and allows anyone working at LINE to borrow a book for free.

LINE Library at the Shinjuku headquarters. Just a step away from the cozy tatami space in the back,
where people can relax and enjoy reading.

Categorization based on LINE STYLE

Books are displayed based on three categories chosen from the eleven elements of "LINE STYLE"

You can find not only business books, but novels, comics, and more in the library. The little cards in front of each book outline why the book was recommended and insights the book might offer you for work.

On the shelves, movies sponsored by LINE and LINE Manga's new titles are also available.

Get inspired by someone else's scribbles

As readers are allowed to underline words or scribble on pages that they think are significant, you will be reading the ideas of previous readers along the text, feeling empathy with their thoughts or ending up writing down your ideas on the same page. This is how knowledge gets spread and shared among LINERs.

LINE Library—a place for driving "WOW=NO.1"—will evolve further so LINERs can take full advantage of it even while working from home!




※ Please note that the details described in this article may not apply to all offices.