Learning to live LINE STYLE – the journey of a new LINER

From day one, we embed LINE STYLE in everyone who joins LINE Taiwan!

Sep 24, 2020

Get to know LINE STYLE

On the very first day a new LINER joins us, we briefly introduction them to LINE STYLE – LINE’s unique approach to work that ensures everyone in the company remains focused on creating the best products and experiences for our users. Soon after that, though, they get to learn LINE STYLE in-depth, with the training takes place during one of our monthly New Employee Orientation (NEO) days. The NEO is a great way for all LINERs to get to know their colleagues better and, most importantly, learn all about LINE STYLE.

At NEO, we start with an ice-breaking session for new LINERs to mingle and “close the distance” with their teammates, offering an opportunity to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and from other functions. Then, the facilitator introduces LINE’s main internal tools, like CONNECT, HRonLINE, and the OAs, which can assist new LINERs in adapting to LINE’s work environment.

Right after the general section, the main part of the training begins, with an in-depth focus on LINE STYLE. We start by showing interesting videos and scenarios that demonstrate each of the LINE STYLE definitions. Once the new LINERs begin to understand the meaning behind each of the LINE STYLE concepts, we encourage them to discover ways to relate those ideas to their own lives and share that understanding with others. After that LINE STYLE introduction and getting to know their teammates, the focus shifts to putting LINE STYLE into action, with several interactive exercises designed to reinforce the core ideas and deepen their understanding.

The NEO training day is very popular with new LINERs and frequently receives extremely positive feedback, with participants saying they find it stimulating and it helps them feel they’re part of the LINE family. And, even after the training day, we continue to reinforce the LINE STYLE concepts and help people learn to apply them in their daily activities.

Putting LINE STYLE into Practice

At LINE, we think it’s important for everyone to apply LINE STYLE in their work and use it as a foundation for excellence. This year, LINE Taiwan started a quarterly incentive program called the “SPOT BONUS Program,” where project leads nominate LINERs who have achieved particularly impressive results. The management team then evaluates the projects and candidates, choosing those that are the best examples of LINE STYLE in practice and that offer much for everyone else at LINE to learn from.

Winning Examples of LINE STYLE!

As the nominations of the Global WOW Project Awards 2019 kicked off, LINE Taiwan gathered plenty of brilliant projects as potential nominees, including LINE SPOT, the LINE Digital Accountability Program, LINE TODAY Monetization, Service-Oriented Platform, LINE Shopping TW: 1111 Crazy Shopping Day and the TW Election Project from LINE Taiwan. The Taiwan office was eager to introduce our best work to LINERs around the globe, and after several rounds of internal evaluations, we finally selected LINE Shopping TW: 1111 Crazy Shopping Day to represent the Taiwan office.

Among the five shortlisted global projects, LINE Shopping TW: 1111 Crazy Shopping Day ended up in third place. We were very proud to introduce the Taiwan office’s project to all LINERs and to demonstrate to the whole company how LINERs in Taiwan live out LINE STYLE.




※ Please note that the details described in this article may not apply to all offices.