Take a break, recharge, and gain new insights with FNL!

Oct 15, 2020

One of LINE’s most popular programs is Friday Noon Live (FNL), a regularly held lecture series featuring celebrity speakers and a wide range of fascinating topics. Since launching in July 2015, FNL has been held 57 times, bringing fresh ideas and great insights to LINE during the Friday lunchtime. Even COVID-19 hasn’t stopped FNL from challenging and engaging LINERs, it just moved the event online.

Time to recharge your life

Topics such as psychology, philosophy, health, and healing have become essential for many people’s busy lives, helping them to recharge and keep a positive outlook. Many of the speakers who have visited LINE have talked on health-related subjects, and we would like to introduce two of them.

In March 2019, Professor Chungwoon Kim, a cultural psychologist famous in Korea for his fun stories of human psychology and “happiness,” came to the LINE offices to speak on “The Power to Move People’s Hearts.”

Professor Chungwoon Kim giving his lecture “The Power to Move People's Hearts” during FNL (March 2019)

Kim emphasized how people need to study what they like and earn a sense of accomplishment to feel happiness. He especially impressed the audience with his assertion that your level of satisfaction in life is based on how many times you end up in awe each day. And while the theme of the lecture was profound, Kim’s talk was also filled with funny jokes to keep the mood light.

In addition to discussions about the power of mind and happiness, FNL also addressed topics related to the problems facing society. In the second half of 2019, we were joined by Professor Soojung Lee, the first criminal psychologist in Korea and a consultant on “Unanswered Questions,” a famous current affairs and culture program on SBS.

Professor Soojung Lee giving her lecture “Personality Disorders and Crimes” during FNL (November 2019)

Lee’s talk explored the dark side of our society, looking at why awful crimes occur, along with vivid description of the results of the latest psychological research. In particular, Lee expressed concern over the use of social media in crime, and asked all of us to think about the social responsibility we have as people who work with the LINE Messenger.

Learning about culture to nourish the soul

Psychology, health and healing is important, but sometimes people need deeper, more nourishing content for the soul. That’s why FNL often offers cultural topics, like art, film, music, and literature, and we like to invite speakers who can inspire and enrich LINERs with their work.

Artist Won-Jae Cho — who also hosts the popular podcast Art Museum in the Corner of a Room— gave a presentation called “Crossing the Threshold of Art,” giving LINERs an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of art.

Artist Won-Jae Cho giving his FNL lecture “Crossing the Threshold of Art” (October 2019)

A lot of us have bad memories of being art history and music history classes, full of names and definitions. But these FNL lectures are a good way to bring these topics to life, making them more accessible through fun stories and clear explanations.

In a totally different cultural vein, one of Korea’s biggest cultural ambassadors participated in FNL in 2020 — the bizarre character Pengsoo the penguin. Well, in fact the FNL guest was Jaeyeong Park, Pengsoo’s former manager and current program director, who gave a talk titled “Surviving as a PD for Giant Peng-TV.”

PD Jaeyeong Park giving his lecture “Surviving as a PD for Giant Peng TV” during online FNL (May 2020)

Pengsoo has become a major phenomenon in Korea, and Park had a lot of fun insights about what it’s like to create such a popular character, going viral and developing creative ideas, and how to create a health team culture.

FNL as a source of learning

In addition to those subjects, FNL presents a lot of talks about interesting, informative subject, like history, futurology, the economy, architecture, and science, in an easy-to-understand and engaging talks to help LINERs develop their knowledge. For LINERs who are curious about how our lives and cities will change after COVID-19, we invited Hyunjoon Yoo, professor at Hongik University and lead architect at Hyunjoon Yoo Architects, to talk about “Post-COVID-19 Space.”

CaptionProfessor Hyunjoon Yoo giving his lecture “Post-COVID-19 Space” during an online FNL (September 2020)

Yoo’s lecture focused on how home and work have been two of the biggest places affected by the pandemic, as people’s behaviors and perceptions have been changed by the disease. For some people, that’s meant leaving the crowded cities and spending more time in the countryside. For others, it’s means replacing sofas and relaxation spaces at home with tables and work spaces. One LINER who attended this lecture left a comment saying, “I’ve been so complacent about living in the present world that I failed to think about how our society will look in the future, but I'm grateful that this lecture gave me an opportunity to anticipate and prepare for the next change in my life.”

  FNL lectures delivered in 2019-2020

  - Feb. 2019 Writer Seunghyeon Cho: "Reading Trends in East Asia, North America and Europe"
  - Mar. 2019 Director Jeongun Kim: "The Power of Moving Hearts"
  - Apr. 2019 Writer Sini's webtoon series “About Death,” and the “Story of Life and Death”
  - Jun. 2019 Professor Sanguk Kim: “The Universe, the World, and Us as Seen by Physics”
  - Jul. 2019 Animator Sangjin Kim: “How to Develop Characters”
  - Aug. 2019 Broadcaster Tyler Rasch: “You're the Pilot of Your Life”
  - Oct. 2019 Writer Wonjae Cho: “Crossing the Threshold of Art! Art Gallery in Your Room”
  - Nov. 2019 Professor Sujeong Lee: “Personality Disorders and Crimes”
  - Jan. 2020 Writer Munjeong Jeong: “How to Maintain Myself and Communicate in this Impolite World”
  - Apr. 2020 Assistant Director Seontae Kim: “The Story of the Birth of Social Content in Chungju”
  - May 2020 Program Director Jaeyeong Park: “Surviving as a PD for Giant Peng-TV”
  - Jul. 2020 Veterinarian Chaehyeon Seol: “How the Unskilled You Should Love Your Dog”
  - Sep. 2020 Professor Hyunjoon Yoo: “Post-COVID-19 Space”
  - Oct. 2020 Writers Hana Kim and Seonu Hwang: “The Birth of a Prefabricated Family: Two Women Live Together and Work.”

  ※ FNL has featured 57 lectures as of October 2020.


Pandemic? No problem as FNL goes all-online

With the rise of COVID-19, FNL was one more aspect of our lives that had to go all-online. But for FNL, the switch was easy and many LINERs say they really like the new format. By moving FNL to livestreaming, now LINERs are able to chat and leave comments beside the video in real time, turning lectures into more interactive and witty events. Sometimes the speakers even have to pause their lectures, they’re laughing so hard.

▶ Writers Hana Kim and Seonu Hwang giving their lecture
“The Birth of a Prefabricated Family” during an online FNL (October 2020)

While one of the big draws of the original FNL was the chance to meet these celebrities and celebrated thinkers in person, the “new normal” FNL is about interacting, plus LINERs can now watch the recorded version anytime and anywhere.

FNL is a program that symbolizes the relationship between LINE and LINERs, as the company is always looking for ways to enrich the lives of its employees and make working here to be more than just a job. What kind of topics will be next for FNL? The only way to find out is to join in. We hope to see here there!




※ Please note that the details described in this article may not apply to all offices.