• Please contact through the "1:1 Inquiry" field below or through the LINE Careers Official Account. (https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40linecareers) This service is only available for job openings in Korea.
  • LINE holds an open recruitment drive for new graduates twice a year. You can find job openings listed on this website around March and September. (Note that recruitment details may change depending on each company and the particular circumstances). In addition to the biannual recruitment drive for new graduates, other job openings can be found in the [jobs] section. Even if are you a recent graduate, please feel free to apply for an experienced position if you believe you have the abilities we are looking for.
  • Yes, you can. Even if your career background doesn't precisely match the position you want to apply for, you may apply and your application will be reviewed according to our internal criteria.
  • Yes, you can. Even if your career background doesn't precisely match the position you want to apply for, you may apply and your application will be reviewed according to our internal criteria.
  • You can apply for another job opening immediately, even if you got rejected. You will not be disadvantaged by applying for another position.
  • External recruitment websites and platforms often copy job openings from the LINE website, so they can display jobs that have already closed. For accurate information, please check out the [Jobs] on LINE’s official recruitment website. If you cannot find a job opening in [Jobs], it means the job opening has closed.
  • Please check the details of each job opening in [Jobs]. Job openings posted by entities other than those in Korea are responsible for their own positions and are operated independently.
  • Yes, a foreigner (or a foreign national) may apply for positions in Korea. However, the applicant must be able to obtain or have already obtained a visa that enables working in Korea.
  • Yes, a foreign student may apply for an internship. However, the applicant must be able to obtain or have already obtained a visa that enables working for five days per week (8 hours per weekday) during the internship period.
  • People who are eligible for veteran's compensation, people with disabilities and applicants who are subject to protection when it comes to hiring may receive preferential treatment according to the relevant laws. If you are an eligible candidate, please make sure to attach the appropriate document via Other Attachments in the [Portfolio] section in application form. - People eligible for veteran's compensation: Certificate of veteran employment assistance - People with disabilities: Attach a copy of the disability registration certificate or welfare card
  • According to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act (enacted on Jan. 1, 2015), application documents are to be returned by the following procedure: 1. A person who applied for a LINE job opening but was rejected may ask for the return of ONLY the documents that were submitted as hardcopies. Requests must be made to LINE within 90 days of the results being released. (Files submitted online or documents voluntarily submitted by an applicant cannot be returned) 2. Documents will be kept for only 90 days following the release of the results. After that, they will be disposed of in accordance with relevant laws, and cannot be returned. 3. A request for document return should be made through this website, via 1:1 Inquiry > Claim for Hiring Document Return. When making your request, you must enter the following information to verify your identity before the documents will be returned: ① Name ② E-mail address ③ Date of birth ④ Return address ⑤ Type of document you want returned 4. Documents requested for return will be sent within 14 days from the date of request (postage to be paid by the applicant).

Recruiting Process

  • In general, the recruitment process is as follows: application phase → assignment (or test) → interview → reference check → negotiation of employment terms → final confirmation - The applicability and method of assignment (or test) vary by job opening. Please check each job opening for details. - The interview is generally held in two stages but can change according to each job opening and circumstances.
  • Applications are reviewed on a first-come basis and the result (pass or fail) is sent within two weeks via e-mail.
  • For all experienced job openings, a reference check is conducted of applicants who pass the interview. The reference check begins after an applicant passes the interview with the applicant's consent. The subsequent process will explained at the time.


  • No, there is no limit to the length of your answers in the compulsory section of the basic job-related questions. You can fill out your answers freely to best represent and express yourself.
  • For certain openings, a portfolio is required. But for other positions, it is up to the applicant to decide whether or not to attach a portfolio. There is no specific format required, as long as it demonstrates your competencies, and working experience can fulfill that purpose. However, please do not share any information from other companies that may be considered confidential.
  • You can check it through (https://recruit.linepluscorp.com/lineplus/login/myApplicationLogin)
  • In principle, an application cannot be modified after final submission. If you wish to modify your application, you need to request the deletion of original application and submit a new one. To request an application be deleted, please fill out the form below and send it via “1:1 Inquiry”: (Please check the closing date of the job opening you plan to apply for and contact us before the deadline. Please note that a deleted application cannot be restored.) <Request to Delete Application> 1) Request: To delete application 2) Reason: 3) Applicable Job Opening: 4) Name: 5) Date of Birth: 6) E-mail Address: 7) Tel.:

System Error

  • When a system error occurs, please try accessing the page again in another browser or on another computer, or via Chrome/Chrome secret mode. Errors can occur when an abnormal pattern is detected, such as refreshing a page several times in a browser.
  • Please try again via Chrome/Chrome secret mode. If the problem persists in the Chrome browser, please add your portfolio in Google Drive or Dropbox and submit it by attaching the URL in the [Portfolio] section in application form.
  • Such error may occur if you have not entered the name of your high school or entered a number of high schools. Please enter only the information for the high school from which you graduated (high schools in Korea and abroad cannot be entered at the same time)
  • If you have forgotten your password, please reset the password using “Reset Password.” You may set a new password after receiving a temporary password to your email here (https://recruit.linepluscorp.com/lineplus/login/initPwd). Make sure to use the same email address you used for application.