Information Security Engineer

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LINE Pay is the top mobile payment company in Taiwan. We strive to provide convenient and safe services. This role is to ensure the security and quality of a wide range services and products developed by LINE Pay. We are looking for a person who is professional in security field to join us.



  • 滲透測試及漏洞風險評估
  • 安全軟體開發流程協作(如擬定資安需求、軟體架構檢視、弱點掃描/原碼掃描諮詢等)
  • 識別資安風險並提出改善方案
  • 資安事件處理與分析
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability risk assessment
  • Collaborating in the secure software development process (such as security requirement, software architecture review, vulnerability consulting, etc.)
  • Identifying security risks and proposing improvement plans
  • Incident handling and analysis


Required Qualifications

  • 具備三年以上Web或Mobile資安檢測經驗
  • 具有打CTF等資安挑戰經驗
  • 具備良好人際溝通能力
  • 具備基本英文溝通能力(聽說讀寫)
  • At least three year of experience in web or mobile security testing
  • Experienced in cybersecurity games like CTF or so.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Basic proficiency in English (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)


Preferred Qualifications

  • 有CVE挖掘經驗尤佳
  • 有軟體開發經驗尤佳
  • 有網路安全經驗尤佳
  • 有金融業經驗尤佳
  • 有日文或韓文能力尤佳
  • Experience in CVE reporting is a plus
  • Relevant certification in information security (such as OSCP, ECSA, CEH, SSCP, ECIH, CCSP, CHFI) is a plus
  • Experience in software development is a plus
  • Experience in network security operations and maintenance is a plus
  • Experience in the financial industry is a plus
  • Proficiency in Japanese or Korean is a plus.

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