A day in the life of a LINER

Talking about working at LINE Thailand

Jul 23, 2020

Before we jump in, let us tell you a bit about LINE. At all our global offices, LINE uses the mission of Closing the Distance to remind all LINERs (aka LINE employees) that our purpose is to bring people, information, and services closer together. At LINE Thailand, we apply this mission not only to our business products and services, but also to our LINERs by cultivating a unique LINE culture. As a result, we are frequently asked, “What is LINE culture?” or “What’s it like working at LINE?”

To help you visualize our LINE culture, we invite you on a one-day journey as a LINER.

What does a LINER do in a day?

The first thing all LINERs do each day is coming to the office! Commuting to the LINE office is pretty convenient as we are located at Gaysorn Tower, right in the heart of Bangkok, with many connections to public transportation. Office hours are 9 am to 6 pm, but this is only a general guideline. In reality, LINERs are given the full trust to arrive or leave the office anytime we want, as long as we can deliver output that satisfies our goals — or even goes beyond!


When we arrive at the office, the canteen is one of the popular go-to places as a freshly cooked breakfast awaits us. Many LINERs get filled up and charged up here to start the day! If anyone is still feeling groggy, we go to LINE Café to get a jolt of caffeine or some other refreshing drink to wake us up. LINERs find this to be a real time-saver, rather than having to leave the office to eat or drink, and a major boost to productivity.

LINE Thailand provides free breakfast and lunch as well as affordable beverages from LINE Café.
LINERs can use the “LINERS TH” Official Account to order beverages from LINE Café, view the day’s breakfast/lunch menus,
check the air quality, and read internal news.

Now that we are done with breakfast, it’s time for work! As LINE promotes a fun and creativity-boosting work environment, there are various spots that you can use as your work station. Depending on your style, you can choose to work from quiet individual booths or casual, open spaces like the grassy park-themed zone, the work-bar zone, and many more.

A formal meeting room (left) and an open work area.

Talking about working at LINE Thailand, it’s crucial to understand LINE’s product line-up and the impact we have on our 47 million monthly active users. Behind every LINE product — such as LINE TV, LINE TODAY, LINE Ads Platform, and LINE SHOPPING — we have strong, passionate teams working together to create an impact and pursue our vision of "Life on LINE" (enriching every moment of our users' lives through the integration of online and offline worlds). We aim to create solutions that help people live a better life, solve customers’ pain points, and even drive growth for businesses.

And LINE culture is one of the keys to our success, as we embrace the “innovate and experiment” mindset because we believe that it will enhance our opportunities to grow — even if we make mistakes along the way, those mistakes can always be great opportunities to learn. As LINERs, we are also entrusted and encouraged to have full ownership of our tasks, bravely initiate new ideas, and support fellow colleagues and cross-functional teams if they need our expertise.

A few examples of LINE products: (from left to right) LINE STICKERS, LINE MELODY, LINE Ads Platform, LINE TODAY, and LINE TV

With so much effort put into innovation and creativity, everyone needs some good rest and relaxation. Fortunately, LINE has an abundance of zones in the office to refresh and recharge, including nap pods and massage rooms, accessible to LINERs at any time. For those looking for entertainment, there are plenty of facilities available for us to enjoy and engage with fellow colleagues, including a PlayStation, a Nintendo Switch, a pool table, a ping-pong table, and a gym. LINE offers amenities like these without any restrictions because trust is so important to who we are, and we believe that LINERs are able to have fun and meet their work expectations at the same time.

Our relaxation zones in the office are available for anyone to use at any time.

In addition, there are numerous events throughout the year to help build teamwork and camaraderie among LINERs. For business updates and alignment, we have a quarterly Town Hall, where team leads share our achievements, learning points, and future direction and strategies. We also have events dedicated to pure entertainment such as LINE CONNECT DAY, with activities ranging from simple networking sessions to full-blown parties. Not only this, but we also embrace and respect Thai culture by organizing traditional events, such as the Ritual of Water Pouring during Songkran Festival and Loy Kratong Festival in November.

If LINERs are looking for a short break during or after work, we provide nap pods, massage rooms, and a gym. 

Finally, LINE Thailand strives to help LINERs make the company’s mission and culture truly a part of their lives through employee engagement. In fact, the LINE brand reputation was recently ranked as one of the Top 5 among 520 other brands in Thailand.* As such, LINE Thailand constantly and continuously tries to stay connected with LINERs, listens to our needs so that we can get the best experience. There is nothing LINE wants to hear more from employees than they feel that LINE Thailand is like their second home.


*Reference : LINE rated as one of the top 5 ranking for Brand Reputation




※ Please note that the details described in this article may not apply to all offices.