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Tour Dejdanoo / Product Growth / LINE Company Thailand

Tour manages the Display Advertising Team and the display ads product, which is very challenging in terms of the leadership skills required and the pushing of the product to the top of the digital market. Let's see how he has developed his perspectives and the challenges which have enhanced his portfolio of experience.

A quick three-line summary

  • Tour is in charge of managing the team and end-to-end product display ads, which he finds very challenging.
  • Tour’s Values are “Enjoy the Challenges Together” and “Take the Initiative.”
  • Working at LINE will give you extensive experience by taking true ownership of all related operations in the creation of solutions from end to end.

About work

Q Please briefly introduce the team/product you are leading.

The Display Advertising Team is responsible for managing advertising in the form of displays within the LINE application. This includes visibility in various tabs, such as Home, Chat, LINE VOOM, LINE TODAY, LINE Wallet and LINE OpenChat services. These ads are presented both in image and video formats. The Display Advertising Team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the work, from product planning to market launch. The Display Advertising Team collaborates closely with the Sales Team, to understand client needs, and then brainstorms to design solutions that meet those requirements. The Display Advertising Team also sometimes works with other teams, to explore whether any other products in LINE's diverse and extensive ecosystem could further fulfil the client’s needs. This is because LINE offers a full range of products, which together form a comprehensive offering that clients can utilise to scale their businesses holistically. After crafting the ideal solution, which includes other products that are believed to be beneficial to the client, the team will present it to the client, make further refinement based on feedback and then execute, in conjunction with relevant internal teams before market launch.

Q Please describe your daily work schedule.

My primary daily tasks involve planning, consulting on media and advertising products and reporting on their status, covering both the Demand Side (customer management) and the Supply Side (ad placement management). Additionally, I also hold internal discussions and data sync-ups within the Display Advertising Team, to ensure comprehensive product presentations for advertisers and brands. Given LINE’s diverse clientele, ranging from large corporations to small businesses with diverse advertising needs, I work closely with multiple teams across the organisation. These include Product Development teams, both in Thailand and internationally, for planning, consultation and product development tracking, sales teams, to stimulate sales and collect customer feedback, and internal service teams, where display ads are featured. Aside from collaborating with other internal teams, I also manage various tasks and delegate work within my Display Advertising Team. This ensures timely delivery and quality assurance, while also encouraging the open sharing of information and ideas among team members. The goal is to find the most suitable and optimal solutions for all our users, both advertisers and LINE users.

Q What is your strategy as a team leader to drive the product and team?

As a team leader, my responsibilities not only include product management to ensure alignment with market demands but also extend to human resources management to drive team performance. For product development, my primary focuses are constant market and competitor analyses. The goal is to determine how our own products should be developed or improved, as well as identifying new opportunities to set our products apart from competitors. Such insights are critical for outperforming rivals in the marketplace. User testing is also crucial, before market launch, to validate our efforts. If the results are positive, we explore ways to enhance it further. If not, we make the necessary adjustments. Managing a product effectively is not feasible without a strong team. My strategy for team management is centred on autonomy and mutual respect for both thinking and working. Since LINE has human resources of exceptional quality and an organisational culture that encourages ownership, this approach allows for individual creativity, planning and experimentation. It encourages development and growth. Meanwhile, as a team leader, I provide guidance and consultation to ensure the smooth and complete execution of tasks. If challenges arise, I instil confidence in and collaborate with the team to resolve them. In summary, continuous market analysis, ongoing product development and strong team management are key drivers that enable the effective promotion of LINE’s advertising products, meeting user preferences and contributing to the growth of Thailand’s digital business ecosystem.

Q What were your most memorable moments at work?

One of the most memorable events was during the late 2022 FIFA World Cup, when we had the opportunity to create sponsored content with a client. Instead of building a new feature from scratch, which would have taken considerable time, which we did not have, our team brainstormed and repurposed an existing feature to display World Cup scores. Although this added complexity to our backend operations, it enabled us to solve the problem on time and to close the deal with the client successfully. This event left me with a lasting impression of my colleagues, be they the Display Advertising Team or cross-functional teams. Whatever the challenges, and there were many, everyone collaborated enthusiastically to overcome them, even under time constraints. The results seen last year are commendable, which speaks volumes about the team's resilience and collective drive to achieve our goals.

Challenges and Failure

Q Describe a time when you faced a challenge or obstacle in your work, how you overcame it and what lessons you learned.

We often encounter obstacles while developing various solutions, requiring us to reassess our plans and develop new solutions. These challenges serve as learning experiences for both the team and the organisation. This allows us to refine our ideas, and it ultimately benefits both us and our clients. "Obstacles may arise, and there's always a way out,” but each situation should serve as a lesson to avoid repetition in the future." Whenever problems occur, they educate the team about the potential future impacts of such issues, both internally and externally. This awareness helps us to focus on crucial areas and aim for preventive measures. It aligns well with our company Value, to "Take the Initiative," which means proactively considering future scenarios and consequences. This is especially important when working with digital products, like LINE, which involve multiple interconnected systems. Preparing and closely monitoring these processes reduces the possibility of human error.

What is necessary for success?

Q Which specific competencies do you think are necessary for effective performance?

"Advertising serves as the conduit for delivering a brand's value to customers." Therefore, the essential competency in this line of work is communication. This skill is applicable not only to conveying the product's value but also to internal communication. While many people may be intelligent and creative, the crucial point is how effectively they can communicate their ideas to others. Additionally, “Enjoying the Challenges Together” is another important Value. This is primarily about having the right attitude and mindset. No matter how skilled one is, if you don't enjoy collaboration, the quality of the work may suffer.

Special Experiences at LINE

Q Is there anything unique about the culture of LINE Thailand that you would like people to know?

At LINE Thailand, everyone gives their all to what they do and we work collaboratively. LINERs are open to ideas and accept diverse opinions to help achieve excellent and successful results. This is what I'd like everyone to know. We are truly committed to our work.

Q What made you apply to LINE and how do you feel now that you’ve been at LINE for a while?

I'm thrilled to be a LINER. Previously, I worked in marketing, so joining a major platform like LINE, which has a significant societal impact and a constant drive for product development, has been a rewarding challenge. Since I've been here, I've enjoyed the analytical work, planning and product launches. Customers appreciate our work, as is evident in our growing sales numbers. The most important, however, are my colleagues. Everyone is open-minded and enthusiastic about collaboration, and there's a strong sense of ownership motivating all of us to do our best.


Q Do you currently have any goals?

My goal is to enable the team to plan and develop products that cater to the growth of both large and small businesses in Thailand. Additionally, we aim to offer diverse types and formats of advertising, to meet the needs of brands and marketers, while ensuring a good user experience for LINE users.

Q Do you have anything you would like to say to future LINERs?

The essence of being a LINER lies in understanding user behaviours and needs. Irrespective of our roles within the organisation, we all share a common focus: "the LINE users." We support each other in product development, whether it's services or advertising, to create a great experience for all LINE users. Working here will provide you with hands-on experience and enable you to work on the development and growth of solutions from end to end. You'll have a high degree of ownership of your work. I hope you'll be passionate and treat the product as if it were your own child. This place gives you complete freedom to make an impact, so the choice is yours regarding what you wish to create, challenge, or achieve for yourself.