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The business development team is in charge of developing business opportunities. The main goal is to generate more revenue for LINE Pay. BD team will need to develop new merchants acceptance and build long-term relationships with merchants. This includes sales pitches, contract negotiation, business strategy planning and financial analysis.



  • 客戶拓展與業績目標
    - 尋找潛在客戶,達成每月業績目標
    - 機動性開發特定場域或店家類型,包含但不限政府部門、商圈、夜市、傳統市場及小型連鎖商店
  • 團隊協作與溝通
    - 管理小型團隊推廣電子支付業務
    - 執行並規劃多元新創專案
    - 協助店家使用商家系統後台,提供簡易教學
    - 協同商戶拜訪,整理客戶資料
  • 市場資訊反饋與行銷建議
    - 蒐集市場資訊,提出行銷案型需求
    - 發展創意概念,參與有效的行銷活動
  • 店家問題解決與客戶關係維護
    - 管理店家問題解決
    - 一般日常系統設定與資料建檔、合約整理等需求
    - 獨立洽談合作細節和簽約
  • 定期報告與反饋
    - 將規劃的方案撰寫成需求文件、流程圖,與開發團隊溝通需求並與其他產品經理協調開發資源

  • Customer Expansion and Performance Goals
    - Seek potential customers to achieve monthly performance targets.
    - Dynamically develop specific areas or types of stores, including but not limited to government departments, business districts, night markets, traditional markets, and small chain stores.
  • Team Collaboration and Communication
    - Manage a small team to promote mobile payment business.
    - Execute and plan diverse startup projects.
    - Assist stores in using the merchant system backend, providing simple tutorials.
    - Coordinate merchant visits and organize customer information.
  • Market Information Feedback and Marketing Suggestions
    - Collect market information and propose marketing campaign requirements.
    - Develop creative concepts and participate in effective marketing activities.
  • Store Issue Resolution and Customer Relationship Maintenance
    - Manage store issue resolution.
    - Handle general daily system settings, data filing, contract organization, and other requirements.
    - Independently negotiate cooperation details and sign contracts.
  • Regular Reporting and Feedback
    - Write planned solutions into requirement documents and flowcharts, communicate requirements with the development team, and coordinate development resources with other product managers.



  • 團隊與陌生開發能力
    - 具3年以上業務經驗,行動支付推廣經驗1年以上者佳
    - 具備陌生開發能力,同時擁有團隊合作精神
    - 具備小型業務團隊管理經驗者佳
  • 敏銳的市場趨勢和用戶洞察
  • 溝通協調與Presentation技巧
  • 文書處理軟體操作
    - 熟悉文書處理軟體操作,如 Gmail、Excel、Google Sheet
  • 獨立思考與問題解決能力
    - 邏輯能力佳,具有獨立思考與解決問題的能力,並提出工作優化建議
  • 具備汽機車駕照

  • Team and New Business Development Skills
    - With over 3 years of business experience, preferably with more than 1 year of experience in mobile payment promotion.
    - Possess new business development skills and a collaborative team spirit.
    - Experience in managing small business teams is a plus.
  • Keen Market Trends and User Insights
  • Communication, Coordination, and Presentation Skills
  • Document Processing Software Operation
    - Familiar with document processing software operations, such as Gmail, Excel, Google Sheet.
  • Independent Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
    - Strong logical thinking, the ability to think independently and solve problems, and propose suggestions for workflow optimization.
  • Possess a valid driver's license for both cars and motorcycles.



  • Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Tainan, Taiwan

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